Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The team of Ambala group ( ) heartily welcomes on the Terms of Use which describe the terms and conditions applicable to your accessand the use of the websites

You are requested to go through the terms carefully for your understanding and establish a lear transaction between you and AmbalaAsia.Ambala Asia is one of the largest Business building platform and agreeing to be within the conditions. We respect the business building strategy of suppliers and care the consumer’s rights as primary rather than agreement, secondary. 

Pronouns used here as referred “you”,”your”,or “user” hereinafter and for “we”,”our”,”us”,or “” hereinafter.

The terms and conditions implies through electronically recorded system.

1. Definition and Interpretation:

It is the forwarded policy which helps to make the user easy, comfortable and secure to establish any e-business relation. If you disagree to be bound by the agreement you are requested not to access, register or use the site.

2. About Us:

Ambala group is an e-commerce platform which plays the intermediary role between the suppliers and customers. It formulates the dual platform for B2B and B2C. The pioneer regional e-commerce site in Asia Pacific region, Ambala group Understanding the true need of Asian Market and purchasing tendency, Ambala Asia is a synergy of multinational and transnational platform who are leading globally. Bringing the trade of China, Hongkong, and several other Asia Pacific regions in the finger tips. The focusing point is uplifting the periphery commodity to international market and giving the grace of global product to be the part of it.

3. Access to our site:

The teams of expertise are committed to ensure the availability of website smoothly with error free environment. As to operate technically it is hard to predict the future if any problem arises expert is ready for all kinds of solution. For the repairs, maintenance or discovering any new services to the users in the site, the site may be put in progress to operate without prior notice. The attempting for minimizing such progress work will be effectively carried out with special consideration.

4. Accounts:

The most prior responsible for maintaining the operated account and password used in the site as you agreed. It is the own perfect attention to keep the account and password safely and inform as soon as possible when known that it is unauthorizedly used. It is ensured that the information provided is genuine and update is made if any changes occur.It is agreed and acknowledged, the account will be used for personal purpose only for purchasing the product. 

If the intention is for business purpose, the business account should be operated reserves the rights for refusing access to the site/account, terminating accounts, removing or editing content at any moment without prior notice.

5. Intellectual Property Rights:

Intellectual property refers to creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to designated owners by law. In the site it include trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial design rights, images ,audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations and in some jurisdictions trade secrets. Artistic works including music and literature, as well as discoveries, inventions, words, phrases, symbols, design, software. These all are the property of and is protected by laws of Nepal, international copyright, authors' rights and database right laws. The professionally extracting, re-utilising, creating or publishing out anything from the site without written consent is bound by the law.

6. User content:

This implies that the full rights given to in the contest of using the user content as the promotion as well as fluent operation of the site. It includes posting or displaying any information, content or material of user on the site for the business purpose. This certify to grant an irreversible, permanent, globally, royalty-free license to to conduct the all terms that is beneficial for the development of site .i.e. display, modify, translate,  adapt, publish ,duplicate, reproduce, transmit, distribute, create innovative work and use all the user content in any form, media or technology in any ways. Users have all the rights, power and authority necessary to grant the above license as confirmed.

7. Links to our site:

The linking of any other e-commerce promotion link to our site. This help the user to get their desire wants easy pathway to be linked. As being the part of social media the user can be get in touch and get the updated promotion of site. This is totally from the rights to use the services from social media. This is the part of personal use and agrees to respect the right of every individual.

8. Links to other site:

The linking of our site to any other site as a part of co-ordination between the two sites. It helps the user to get into another detailed field of search. It directly combines to attach with the other related site useful for the user for purchasing or carrying out any services for the transactions purpose. While doing this user agrees to be bound within the agreement between the two sites and respect the intellectual property rights. This is the part from the diversifying the need of searches of user and agrees to maintain its criteria from being part of it.

9. Disclaimer:

The agrees in the term using the services of website with self full responsible and transacting with own judgment and knowledge. It implies that this website is used for personal use for purchasing the products not for business, misleading or fake purpose. It is totally professional. It is the responsible of the user to self confirmed for any breaches of conditions, representation, warranties by seller or manufactures in term of product. Any disputes arise between the user and the suppliers or manufactures of product shall be self responsible and solve in own mutual understanding. Ambala group disclaims any warranties or representation in respect of quality, perfectness, completeness, suitability, timeliness, performance, safety, packaging, legality of product that is displayed in the content; however we will try to minimize such obstacles and help for smooth operation. The website, any information related to product, software, and services are of any warranty provided and requires the self consciousness and awareness.

10. Viruses, Malware Security:

The use of this site is for the personal use for purchasing the product. It is strictly bound to perform any other operation which harms the operation of the site i.e. contain software viruses. It will be define as the criminal activities and goes under the legal procedure. Users are also responsible for discouraging such activities and inform us immediately as known someone is involved Ambala group reserve the right to terminate to access the website if found in such activities at any moment. Hereby every user agrees to use the site as designed and help maintaining the security policy of Ambala group. Although the team of expertise are on platform for any solution.

11. Acceptances usage policy:

By accessing the site users agrees to accept the usage policy of 18 or above 18 years are only entertained to perform the operation from the site, if the age bar restricts it is only performed under the supervision of guardian. It is agreed to receive the services under the law of Nepal, hongkong, china ,india or the country from which the services is received. It also implies to agree for any amended and restated terms posted by time to time. You agree for all the policies, working strategy, services, rules, regulations of as accessing into the site.

12. Privacy and Cookies:

The personal information or data provided to us while using the will be treated as private property of user as strictly confidential and in accordance with privacy policy and applicable by rules and regulations. 

Hereby the cookies information will also be in privacy rather than only be used by officer for the beneficial of the site.

13. Changes to these terms and conditions:

Ambala group reserves the full right to change the website, policies, working strategy, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice which may be for the development of the site or convenience for users. It will remain as constant to the previous working terms and conditions as function is carried out previously.

14. Contacting Us: This website is the property of Ambala Group pvt Ltd.       

We are available at

15. Communication from us:    

  As this is the E-platform we are communicating electronically so it is to provide valid phone number, e-mail address while placing the order. We may communicate through e-mail, phone calls or SMS or any forms of communication. You agree to receive all form of communication methods as per with respect to use of the website or the order placed on the website.


16. Losses:

The user agrees to be full responsible for any business (Financial, physical, hidden) losses while using the website and tackle own self for the remedies.

17. Beyond Specific control:

  The user will be self responsible for this conditions due to which delay or failure arises although the best performance. It is hard to predict but commit to minimize the upcoming event. Judicial rights of the user remain same.

18. Software Terms:

The terms related to updates or upgrades of software or any other related to this as we provide time to time for the convenience for the user to use the site or beneficial for the development of site. You are likely to use the software as the purposes for what it is designed for and enjoy the services provided. It is bound by the law to use the software or part of it for developing personal programs or transferring, lending, selling, renting or using it not for legal purpose.ambala group reserve the right to refuse the term to accessing into the website or may terminate, delete or suspend the related user if found in such matter. The software used in the is the property of Ambala Group, Ambala Suppliers and protected by the law of Nepal and strictly undergoes the legal procedure. Using the www.ambalaasia software for more than one third parties, the use of services for third parties will be the part of separate, laws, policies, terms of use and fees. You also agree to discourage for using the www.ambalaasia software to edit, modify, copy, reverse engineer, or any which is not legal to terms, conditions, and policies of as a part or whole or discover any derivatives works using www.ambalaasia .com software.

19. Renunciation:

 If the violation of these conditions is done and there is no action entitled, Ambala Group still reserves the rights and remedies at any moment where these conditions is violated. 

20. Conditions for Reviews, Comment communication and other content:

The user has the right to post reviews, comments, send communications, submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, or other information, as long as the content is legal. Users agree to respect intellectual property rights, personal rights, human rights, privacy policies and aware it doesn’t affect third parties. Ambala group reserves the right to remove, refuse, delete or edit any content which is against Ambala group policy and terminate permanently to access in the website which will be further carried out for legal procedure.

21. Claims against Objectionable Content:     

Due to maximum number of products contains in the website offered by different suppliers around the world and dealing with bulk of comments, For it is hard to be aware with all the product content, specifications, pricing list or any matter consist in the website that is showcased. If it is known that any displayed content in any matter is against legal matter, misleading, harassing, and sexually explicit, discouraging, harming intellectual property rights, seducing, physical, Emotional, Financial Blackmailing, contains software viruses, offensive, against law of Nepal/Region of Nepal or place of resident or place where the services are used or any topic which harms the third parties or whatsoever that is not legal, it is requested to inform immediately at claims against objectionable content. Ambala group is committed to resolve the matter in the case of this matter as soon as possible.      


22. Deterrent and Export policy:      

It is agreed that Ambala group will only be used if you are free of Nepal Deterrent or of deterrent consistent with Nepal or service provided regions law imposed by the governments of the country where the is used. It is the responsible to comply with all Nepal or other export and re-export formalities that may apply to goods, software, technology and services.

23. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

The terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Nepal. You agree, as we do, to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Kathmandu.